INTACH-UK Chapter recognizes that the three most serious, and not unrelated, challenges that currently face the prosperity of the peoples on this planet are climate change, the global food shortfall, and fresh water shortages. The front lines in our responses to these three challenges lie as heavily across India as elsewhere.
While India is blessed with abundant water resources, the mismanagement of these resources has resulted in a resource crisis, mainly affecting the rural poor. The crisis has been precipitated in recent years by the growing demand of an increasing population, growth in irrigation demand, erratic monsoons, rapid industrial growth and development and, most importantly by extensive and uncontrolled deforestation in the uplands and areas of topographical relief. This has resulted in reduced rainfall, far lesser retention of water in unforested surfaces, and an alarming drop in the level of the water table. The uneven spread of resources has caused vast areas to be underserved, and other areas to be overfed, and together with an increased demand from urban areas, the water crisis has spiralled out of control.
Whilst only international agencies and national governments can address these challenges on a global basis, there is a distinct role for small and focused charities such as INTACH-UK Chapter to extend some modest support to specific local projects, such as the 'Yogira Talab' project in Rajasthan, our first fresh water project in India. In due course when the number of such projects expands, sponsored by NGOs and small charities such as the UK Chapter, some significant progress will be achieved at the local level.
The Trustees of INTACH-UK Chapter seek to raise funds to cover the cost of its projects in India, such as the 'Yogira Talab' water project, through programmes of public events and targeted appeals to various philanthropic organizations and individuals. The Trustees will be approaching corporations and banks, trusts and foundations, entrepreneurs and celebrities. A new Members drive will play a part in the programmes as this might prove a useful first step towards identifying potential donors. A series of open lectures on subjects related to our appeals will be offered.
UK Charity Registration No: 1118849