The project, currently undertaken by the UK Chapter is located in the State of Bikaner, and is situated on the north-western side of the Aravalli hills, which has two distinct geographical features. While areas in the south-east of Bikaner are blessed with adequate rainfall and sufficient water supply, the north-western part of the State in the Thar Desert is completely covered by surface migratory sands, has acute shortage of rainfall and is severely deprived of basic water supply. The Ghaggar river, now largely submerged owing to geographical disturbances, provides water for irrigation and domestic use only to its immediate surrounding areas in the northern parts of the district. Other areas in this region are completely dependant on monsoon rains which are sporadic, inadequate and have been known to follow a four-year cycle pattern of good rainfall and drought. It is, therefore, imperative for the few existing natural water bodies here to store to their full capacity the precious monsoon rain water flowing in from the catchment areas in order to sustain the local people and their livestock.
Located in one of the driest regions of the Thar desert, Yogira Talab, is a natural depression with almost no water holding capacity at present owing to siltation and neglect. It is, nevertheless, blessed with a bed soil of fullers earth which purifies the arsenic content and other impurities in the water, and is the only source of water supply for a population of 6,500 people and 13,500 livestock within a radius of 25 kilometres. Furthermore, the hydraulic structures and sluice gates have also crumbled for want of regular maintenance.
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