INTACH India is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 1984 to stimulate awareness among the public of the urgent need to document and conserve India’s architectural, material, cultural and natural heritage. In July last year, the United Nations Economic and Social Council at its Substantive Session decided to grant special consultative status Intach, India, the only national trust to receive this honour.
INTACH's primary aims are as follows:
  • Create public awareness of India's heritage
  • Initiate suitable measures for the protection and conservation of India's heritage
  • Formulate heritage policies and regulations for their implementation
  • Document the cultural resources of India
  • Provide training to develop related skills and professions
  • Take immediate action in response to any conservation emergencies
  • Form strategic partnerships and collaborations
    More details can be found at the INTACH website:
  • UK Charity Registration No: 1118849