INTACH-UK Chapter is an overseas branch of INTACH, India.
INTACH-UK Chapter is dedicated to the task of creating awareness in the UK of India's heritage and to developing projects and programmes towards the furtherance of these objectives.
These projects and programmes will include water conservation, restoration of historic buildings, development of museums, organising training programmes, documenting tangible and intangible heritage, working out specific programmes for school children and projects towards poverty alleviation linked to heritage in rural areas.
The first project being undertaken by the UK Chapter is located in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India. The primary aim of the project is to regenerate an existing water body which is presently in a state of total neglect, causing acute shortage of drinking water and immense hardship to the local people and to their livestock upon whom their livelihood depends.
The Finance Minister, Government of India, in his budget speech in 2004 said, "The crisis of water has affected the lives of millions of our fellow citizens ... through the ages, Indian agriculture has been sustained by natural and man-made water bodies ... it is estimated there are more than a million such structures ... many of them have fallen in to disuse and many require urgent repairs."
UK Charity Registration No: 1118849